About the School

Saint Stephen School will close on August 10. We invite you to experience other ways our parish lives its mission or discern other schools in the diocese

Mission & Vision

Saint Irenaeus of Lyon said the Glory of God is the human person fully alive. We’re striving for that here.

Way of Beauty

The Way of Beauty curriculum at Saint Stephen is a core k-8 sequence of workshops and studios wherein students learn to discover beauty and create it through handiwork and the fine arts.

Homeschool Program

Homeschool students in grades 3-8 join our full-time students in the same classroom on Wednesdays and Fridays to be enriched by our liberal arts curriculum.

Arrowsmith Program

We offer an innovative life-changing program for students with learning disabilities. Grounded in neuro-scientific research, Arrowsmith helps to strengthen brain pathways with individualized exercise plans and 1:1 attention.


The Saint Stephen community is a committed partner alongside parents in the whole-person formation of their child.