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March 2, 2023: Arrowsmith Program Open House

A child’s learning disabilities affect more than just academics; they can cause behavioral issues at
home and school and/or cause withdrawal and depression due to the lack of self-esteem and self-
confidence. And learning disabilities do not end at graduation.
When a child is facing learning disabilities it can seem like it will be a lifelong struggle. And, at
one time, this was true. But now through Neuroplasticity, we have learned the brain can be
changed and learning disabilities can be overcome.
The Arrowsmith program is based on the application of neuroscience research and the premise
that it is possible to address a range of specific learning difficulties by identifying and
strengthening cogitative capacities. In the Arrowsmith Program students work on cognitive
exercises designed to target, stimulate and strengthen weak cognitive capacities. \
Our goal is to strengthen learning capacity rather than teach ways to compensate for specific
learning difficulties.

Come to learn more at the Arrowsmith Open House, Thursday, March 2, 2023, at St Stephen
School, 740 Gladstone Ave SE, Grand Rapids, 5-6 PM.

RSVP to: email TTuttle@StStephenParish.com or call our school office at 616-243-8998 ext 206.